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Sammi--Good advice about learning some everyday living skills. I did teach all of my dks how to do laundry as I needed them to help me out around the house. Knowing how to do laundry, balance your checkbook, make a simple meal, etc. are good skills for all kids to have whether they go to college or not.
Something that really hit me this week was personal safety. There was an 18 yr old girl abducted from a Target parking lot in the Kansas City area this past week. She was later found dead a few miles away. Her abducter was caught on surveillance camera, caught and arrested. This girl had merely gone to the mall and not even that late in the evening. The girl had just graduated from High School a few weeks earlier.
I know we tell our little kids about strangers from early on, but I think we need to remind our older children about going places alone and being aware of people around them. My DD attend a Business and Professional Womens Senior Breakfast her final year of High School. The speaker was a woman attorney that addressed the subject of Personal Safety. She had some good advice about situtations that can arise when away from home for the first time. One of her most important rules was don't go places alone if at all possible and Always let someone know where you are going to be and when you will be back.
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