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Barbszy, the one way I made sure I would walk is by getting a dog. He has to go out and needs exercise so that gives me no way to get out of it. I was doing well all spring walking 2-3 miles a day but have been slacking off recently and truly have no excuse. I do walk the dog at 6 a.m. every morning but need to walk so much more. (I got the dog because I don't like walking alone) I need to lose about 30 pounds (gained 12 just over the winter!) and truly do not like my body right now.

Exercise videos work great if you have the space and time to do them. One other trick I use is I bought a jogging trampoline. I made up the rule that if I am sitting and watching tv, every single commercial break I have to run on the trampoline until the commercials are over. Not sure how much exercise that adds up to but it makes me feel better about watching tv.
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