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My son is planning on getting married in Oct as well.
I dont have a clue. oh how many showers she will be having but I know I will go to as many as I can.
I will not take a gift to each one and know she wouldn't want me to anyways.

I know our girt I want it to be something they can use but will have some senmental value to it, and they know how I am anyways so if I gave anything else I think they would be shocked.

GO and enjoy yourself but dont worry you are there for moral support and allow her to know you welcome her into your family.
but do not over do yourself. It gives a hidden message there if you did. it would liook like you over doing yourself to show out.
Just be you...
by the way Congrulations to you for gettinga new dil.
Best wishes for the new groom and bride.
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