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I can't say I'm being "creative" with turkey, but I'm getting my money's worth out of that bird lol(it was free from dh's shop). After our dinner, I put some turkey slices into a casserole, topped with stuffing and potatoes, and dumped gravy over all. Froze it. Then I chopped up some turkey and grated some potatoes for turkey hash, fried it up and froze it. Turkey pot pie, turkey noodle soup(hm broth from turkey bones, of course lol), turkey, rice and cheese casserole---and I still have some meat left that I just stuck in the freezer!! Oh, and I made sandwiches for dh's lunches for work.

We have a sav-a-lot here--I LOVE that store!! I buy all my canned goods there, and my baking stuff, and sometimes meat. There is an Aldi's by my mom, so I stop there when I visit her.
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