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DeBora-- Our high schools offer many college classes that kids can take at the high school. These are usually through the local Community college (IA has state wide community college system with 18 regional centers) and can sometimes be good for dual credit for both high school and college. The State doesn't pay for all of the classes, but if you take a class that you have to pay for the cost is much less than regular college tuition
DD#1 entered college this fall with 14 credit hrs that she took while attending high school. My 2 DS both took career related classes in high school that saved them almost a full year of Community college.
Barb--the journal will be very helpful. Make sure to keep track of community service projects, church volunteering and such, as these can lead to some great scholarships too. Character and leadership qualities count as much as academics for some scholarships. DD#1 got a 4 yr renewable local scholarship based solely on character and leadership. DD1 is a very good student, but academics were not considered at all to recieve this one.
It is also a good way to encourage our kids to become involved in their community by doing service projects.

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