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Oh, such great ideas!! I have tons of copies, too. I have a bunch of albums--the copies I keep in those cardboard photo boxes(I was using shoe boxes, but the photo ones are stronger for stacking). The main thing I've done is get two albums and put photos of my kids in for Grandma--there is a pic of me and dh while I was pregnant at the beginning, then newborn pics, first steps, etc etc. A lot of these pictures they don't have, plus it gives them a timeline!

A bit ot, but I also grabbed my mom's photos and organized them for her, also into boxes. She doesn't have a lot of space to keep albums out, and this really helped her out. (Her mom had passed away and the family was sorting old photos--she didn't want us to have to do hers when she goes.) I labeled the ones I could and got help from other family when she couldn't remember what the picture was for. Then, I labeled the outside of the box with the subject and years of the photos. I gave them back to her as her mother's day gift(part of it, anyway). She was ecstatic!! She sat for two hours, just going through them and remembering!
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