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hints for helping High Schoolers prepare for college

As #4 finishes her freshman year of high school I have begun to think about some of the thing we have learned about preparing for life after high school. I know it is still 3 years away, but from past expereince there are things you can start doing now to help prepare for college.

The first thing that comes to mind is keep a log of your childs activities, awards & achievements. When it comes time to apply for colleges and scholarships it might be hard to recall the activities and responsibilities your child had as a freshman. We keep a paper for each school year noting the activity involved in and a short note about the responsibilities involved. Some activities such as Band we write down all extra events the child participated in like--Honor bands, workshops & contests. We also include any Community or church activities as these all are important when appling for scholarships.
This is just one aspect of preparing for college. I am sure there are many more helpful hints that can be share. So please let us know what you have done to help your child be ready for college.
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