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I have a question, this is coming from the fact that no school work is set by the schools here for summer break.
If your kids have porjects and assignments over the summer break as they go back to school in a new year level, who sets the assign, the old teacher or the new?

Reading was easy for my kids, we always sat down at night a read right from when tehy were toddlers, I found a book that had the words of the story but had a picture of the cat in the sentence, or the dog or the boat, they would read this and then we progressed to the small words (sounding them out) and before we knew he recognised the words letters etc. Made bigger words out of mall ones, eg: ice, nice, lice and so on.
He is an avid reader and was reading to his pre school class.
Maths we started by counting, then adding the simple 2+1, could we minus or divide with all sorts of numbers. A fave game was being in the car and looking at the digital clock saying it is now 9.20 how many more to make it 9.30 or 11.56 how many to 12 etc.

Those library clubs are great.

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