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My Big DS is finishing his freshman year in high school. This summer he will probably have 3 or 4 books to read for school assignments (English, religion and history classes generally all have summer reading requirements). He also has about 4 merit badges to complete for Boy Scouts before he begins working on his Eagle project. So this should keep him busy.

As far as I know, DD who is going into 6th grade will not have a summer reading assignment. I wish she would, because she's a reluctant reader. I do want to figure out a way to get her to practice her math because she is weak on the basic math facts. I don't think I will ever turn her into a math genius but her lack of the basics is handicapping her more and more each year. I think using one of the math-based computer games will probably help.

Luke is going into kindergarten. He will participate in the library's summer reading program (the Read-to-Me Club.) I also want him to learn to write all his letters. He can already recognize them all and write some, but only as capitals. He can also spell his name, as well as his brother and sister's names, and Mom and Dad--and Yoda
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