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I thought I'd be the only one talking about high schoolers!

My dd2 is taking drivers ed by correspondence as she doesn't want to be tied to a classroom for three weeks in the morning.

My dd1 is taking a much deserved break! I just hope this brain break is long enough so that she can start college fresh! That homeschool year she did in tenth grade might have hurt her math in 11th but in 12th she didn't have half the burnout of her peers and no senioritis here either.

I think both of them will continue to read books they just can't get to during the school year. We have a habit of reading and to each other so I hope we get some of that time too.

If there is anything I want them to do it is to eat well, sleep well, and read read read read read everything they can get their mitts on including the current events and fun stuff too ! etc.

I might have them plan a maybe trip out west. DH mumbled something about five days there so it would be neat if they do the planning and reservations. Get some practical learning in the real world next to all that book learning!
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