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This year we are going to work on reading. I have been pushing for my special needs 10 yr old to attend BOCES summer school but has never happened. Which is probley good since they say he does not regress enough to attend. Reading is his low point. The reading gap for him is closing soon. They say by the age of 12 determines how well you can read. We are going to keep reading journals thru the summer and the kids are going to write a report on a book of thier choice. His teacher knows that we plan todo this and she is going to assign him this for the summer. With the promise of the last two Froggy books that he needs to complete his collection when he turns in his journal and report at the beginning of the school year. She said that she will search high and low and pay what ever she has to for these two books because she knows that he will earn them. Now I just have to think of something to reward him with for doing this.

We are also going to build alot of things. We are trying to get him right on grade level for math, he is just about there. Measurement is holding him back so he is going to do all the planning and mesuring for what he builds.
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