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Hi new neighbor!

extra copies - hmmm.

Depends on the picture, you could use them for postcards. All you have to do is write on the back "postcard" and mail it.

You could cut them out and use them as gift tags for presents.

You could paste them together as a collage in a frame. Or can even do a collage on the front of a photo album.

If you have kids you could give them copies and buy them cheap photo albums and let them make their own albums. I bought some of those cheap plastic ones at the dollar store, the flip kind and we took a piece of paper, wallpaper, old wrapping paper - cut it the size of the picture holder then cut the picture and attached it to the colored paper, and took words and dates etc and glued them on. ie - scrapbooking, but not fancy scrapbooking!!!

Tanget alert...
I can remember when I was a teenager, my cousin and I went through photo albums an made up thought bubbles/saying and put them under or on the was fun...way before scrapbooking became popular and before it was named!!!!

Hope these are some helpful ideas for you.
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