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Hi Arjsmom,

Sorry that you are experiencing insomina with your pregnancy...check out with your Dr. or OBGYN about taking any OTC meds....Benedryl is usually a good choice but with being pregnant you want to make sure about the cross over problems with regards to your baby.

I had the opposite problem...I was always wanting to sleep! I think I slept up to 2 weeks before my son's birth. I was always so tired! I used to get upset about it till my sister said, "Hey, today you are building a hand." and when I complained again she would tell me what baby part I was building now....sounds silly but it made me feel like I was DOING SOMETHING! lol

I would try warm milk, a boring book, or try to listen to instrumental music, very low while trying to settle down for the night.

I will be thinking of you and I will tell the sandman you need an extra sprinkle of sand! lol

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