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DeBora, this child is 5. He has never gone to school or preschool yet, and his verbal skills are behind--no way can he read a sign. My neighbor and I are kind of worried about him; at 5 he already will not cry if he falls and skins his knees. The most emotion he ever showed when he got hurt was one time when I was washing off his skinned knee before bandaging it, and of course it stung, and he grabbed my wrists so tight--but never made a sound. Poor kid.

But anyway, he will show up before 8 AM some days, stay all day if I let him. If my van is here, he thinks it's OK to come over.

I hate feeling like I have to hide from a 5-year-old. I know he is a child in need of some attention and care--but I cannot be his full-time extra parent.

His grandparents have care of this child and his 3 older siblings and they are pretty much left to run free.
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