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Barb, I too had the house that everyone wanted to go to in order to play. How old are the kids? Are they old enough that you can explain your rules in a nice way? The only time I have had problems, it was with a adult. She would come over a lot. I would nicely tell her not to come between certain times since I homeschool my children. This is when I lived in Texas. Anyway, she came over anyway. So, I made a sign that I put on the front door that said, "Do not ring doorbell or knock on door. Homeschooling or testing." This girl didn't think it applied to her!!! I started yelling at her and calling her names. I got meaner and meaner to her and she still came over. I decided that I would HAVE to figure her out if I were to ever become a psychologist. I realized that she craved attention, even negative attention. So, I stuff cotton in my doorbell and did not answer my door when my sign was up on the door. She came over 2-3 times and since nobody ever answered, she stopped coming over. My sign prevented everyone from coming over. Of course, I didn't and still don't give out my phone number to everyone. The only people who have my phone number are those who should have it.

So, you could have a sign stating that you are asleep or busy, do not knock or ring doorbell. You could be a vase or something out to let your friends know that you don't mean them. lol That way, you don't have to be mean to the kids, but you have set boundaries. You could explain to the kids that sometimes you are busy, even though it is summer, and it isn't a good time for company.

Texasmom, I hate to tell you this, but you have the WRONG driver in your picture! You need a good ol' Texas boy. lol

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