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Hi ladies! Wow! Seems like I have been gone forever!! Anyway. I need to thank some of you.

Train...thank you so much for the Yosemite pc, never been there but would love to go. Thanks again!

DebK...I love the statue of liberty. Would love to get a close up of New York as well. Ah....someday! Thanks for the pc!!

craft-e-mom...thank you for the beautiful MI flowers pc. I love flowers adn I love purple/lavendar. Those were absolutely beautiful.
thank you!

Lita...the dolphins are adorable!! I want one!! Could you send me one?? LOLOL Thank you for that pc. I loved it.

Minny....girl! That little crocheted butterfly magnet is so cute! I love it. My sil from out of town was just here and thought it was too cute, too! she is jealous. The card was hand made and very cute as well. THank you so much! you did good!!

Hugs to all and HOPE i didn't miss anyone. If I did I am sorry. I did not mean to miss anyone!
Hugs to you all
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