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Deb Thanks for the pc from NY love it wow. Oaky if I am not here for a day or tow do not panic Johnlanded if hospital last night cause he has Celluctis and uclers on the right leg and it is pretty will swollen YES he is in the hospital here in town and now I have to deal with his neaighbor that John had to take back and forth to get his meds also they also found out that that mand had cancer of the liver so it has hit home hard here. Hopefully John and I will be alble to take him Downeast Just 4th so he can see his family hopefuly for not the last time but has asked us if we would do it so from June 4--6 we will not be here and maybe IF anyone has not got a PC from Bar Harbor just let me know kitty is coming with us.
RIP Donna-Marie
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