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Setting Boundaries with Neighbor Kids

With summer coming and the kids playing outside more, we have more neighbor children visiting our home.

Some of these children see our car in the driveway and show up--EARLY--like at 8 AM! (On a school day, we're already up because the Big Kids are out the door by that time). But in the summer, I'm not going to want company that early. And if we get home from somewhere, as soon as the car hits the driveway, this child is knocking on the door!

I want to set some ground rules NOW that I can carry through the summer, about when it's OK to visit and when not.

I do NOT want to spend the coming weeks acting as the Gatekeeper where I have to answer the door 27 times a day and only let a visitor in when I want.

Has anyone had success in setting up a "family policy" about when visitors can come over, and how would you signal that to your (pre-reading) visitors?
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