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Don't ya just hate that when it tells you that you've written too much. lol For people like us that don't talk that much it makes us go, "huh"? impossible. lol

There are so many threads on here that it would take a month to read everything the ladies have posted. All kinds of crafts and menus and all the help you could ask for. Threads for happily married, unhappily married, divorced, widowed, children, grandchildren, home schooling, decorating, organizing. The lists go on and on and on. Oh, and health issues, too.

The lady that started all this is Amanda and she is just like the rest of us. Just a woman on a mission. I think she's wonderful to have started all of this.

Where I live all the leaves are off the trees and the ground looks like a multicolored carpet. It's crisp outside. Today was mostly sunny. I love the sun. Not to be out in it so much as to just see it. I usually go into depression towards the end of February because of lack of enough sunshine. I've finally gotten better at recognizing when it starts and can fight it off a little better.

Gotta go check out the other threads. Hope everyone has a good evening.
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