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My wonderful husband and I celebrated our 21st anniversary last week! He's my second and last. First marriage was a disaster and the only good thing to come of it was my 2 oldest daughters. My dh adopted them when our baby was 1 week old to the day. None of us has ever looked back. I cherish my husband as he does me. I'm a stay-at-home Nana for the three granddarlings now but even when I worked, we never left the house without kissing the other good-bye even if they were still in bed. Even though I don't work outside I still get up every morning to be with my husband. We have our coffee, watch the news, read the paper and talk about any plans, etc. He IS my best and dearest friend and I am completed by him. If anything were to happen to him none could ever fill his void.
After 21 years we are still like honeymooners--holding hands, kissing and hugging all the time. At night we go to bed snuggled up together. I hope to celebrate many more anniversaries with my wonderful husband who is the BEST as far as I'm concerned.
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