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Any1 have kids in dance?

Well I have another question for those of you that have daughters in dance classes. Again, my step daughters are 7 & 8. The oldest takes one dance class while the youngest is in two. My concern is this, has anyone attended their childrenís classes to see what their teaching these girls?

There have been several instances of thingís that Iíve seen that concern me and I donít know if itís something to be concerned about or not to be honest. One instance was a few weeks ago when we had a little cocoa and cookie party. Their dad was taking pictures of us, which normally the girls are VERY shy until the minute a camera is broken out, then they have a whole new personality. They were posing with marshmallows in their mouths, and making what I thought were extremely provocative poses. More recently they were being videoed doing some of their ďdance movesĒ which I was pretty uncomfortable with. Granted I know its dance, but their 7 & 8 and donít need to know how to shake their butts and throw their hair around. Not to be mean and I would never say it around the kids, but they look like pole dancers in the making.
Their dad and I went to their dance studio a few weeks ago to talk to their teacher to see if thatís where their getting this behavior (there are other concerns if not that I canít get into on here). Unfortunately when we got there they were already gone, which was good for me because the place the go smelled so bad I couldnít breath. Just another concern since the oldest has allergies (as well as I do). We were only there for five minutes but I could barely breathe when we left. I know itís an old building, but I would NEVER let my children go somewhere that smelled that badly of mold. Frankly I donít know how the other parents can do it, other than my step kidís mother doesnít stay, she drops them off and runs.

Could someone tell me if their daughter/s are learning moves like this too as Iím not sure itís something that girls this young should be learning. They donít appear to be dancing at all, itís more of their crawling around, tossing their hair and shacking their butts. Am I the only one that finds this inappropriate?
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