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Walking away my pounds?

I'm glad to see someone posting a ? about fitness tapes & stuff. I think we could all use a little real user input on things. I just bought the 3 tape set at Costco last week and to be honest I have only used the 1st two tapes once each. My set came with the water fillable exercize balls-DON'T DO IT especially if you have little ones in the house. Mine leaked on their own and were worse when "helped along" by my 6 yo. So far so good but I doubt I will see the miraculous results they promise. My husband says I sound like a herd of elephants marching along while exercizing. (grr) The kids think it's funny and I don't know that it's strenuous enough to really be very beneficial but I'm stuck with them now so I'll keep using them. Let me know if you have any better results or opinions. Keep "marching"!!
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