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Becoming an Empty Nester

This is the first year that both children are out of the house. Until this year, we had never taken a vacation without the children. We are doing things that we have wanted to do--we went on a camping trip and have now kind of extended it to doing something each weekend, even if it is just for one day. One evening my husband and I had a candlelit dinner at the Cape Cod Canal (we cooked it there in our motorhome).

My suggestion is to find a hobby for yourself, even if it is books--there are a lot of book discussion groups around where you can meet people; and also find something that you and your husband like to do together-- cook a special dinner together (May I suggest the book DDinner Dates by Martha Cotton).

I know your house is quiet, but your grandchild is near enough to have her come visit for a weekend or so.

You mentioned that you hoped to be getting a job soon, that will help also. I now work outside the house part time and it is just enough. (I worked outside the house when the children were home)

Enjoy. It is a new time for you, your husband, and your daughter.

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