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We had light frost and rain last week and it is 75F today. I went and picked up the portrait package we had taken of Sean ( I posted one back on the 'Photos of our members' thread ) just before my B-day. Talk about a pure ham.
Ladyinmaille - re-name your picture and you can post it again in another thread . . .
Sunshine - Sounds like "Adventures of a Yankee in Merry Ole England" set of short stories . . . just a thought . . .
stitcher45 - Sounds like you need to teach some people how to pack . . . stored goodies first . . . everyday goodies LAST . . . I made a ST costume one time. It took me 5 tries before I got one of the sleeves sewn on without it being wrong side out . . .
My heart sister Debbie is into ren faires and is a member of a club. I want to go to Muskogee when they have the ren faire there at the Castle in Muskogee; it is held over 2 or 3 weekends.

Ladies !
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