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Guy Fawkes

That sounds familiar. Don't tell me I learned about it in school and I actually remember it. Naugh, can't be. I can't even remember what I had for lunch yesterday, let alone pre 1964.

Its really chilly here. We are wearing our winter coats and I snuggle under blankets in the evening while I'm here on the puter. The past couple of days it's been raining here and my sinuses are all messed up.

I had to laugh when you were happy with the rain. I understand not wanting to put up with the fireworks and bonfires. They get old real fast. I don't understand all the facination with fireworks. Haven't gone to a display for years.

I guess we are going to go see Harry Potter, or at least try to, on the 17th. My grandson is so excited that he can't hardly stand himself.

Well half the week is gone, only 2 more days of work. Whoopie. I think I need a few days off. It's starting to get boring. lol

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