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Budgeting money is hard to do. If you can get by with your salary base..put all your extra commissions in a savings acct..for future needs... saving for a rainy day.

I find with our budget the only place I can slash costs is the food budget, and utilities by using frugal steps.
This chore does get harder as costs rise, and incomes do not rise to meet the increase.

Watch your daily spending, lunches, coffee out, parking fees, donations at work, etc.

Limit any unnecessary spending and pay your bills as they come in, and in order of importance.
House or rent payments,(gotta pay..need that shelter) Utilities(need water & lights) car payments& insurance(need that to get you back & forth to work) Food(need nourishment), medicines(need to stay healthy).

You will figure out a plan, that fits your need, and strive to stay on track. Also, if you find yourself running behind..I found it was always better to call the gas company or creditor and tell them before you are late..they are more understanding that way.

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