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You will want to know what your bills average to know what you will need each month.

List your bills and when they are due monthly, quarterly, semi annual, annual so you know which amounts you will need to put in savings until that bill is due and how much you will need to pay monthly. Rent/mtg, cable/satelite tv, electric/water/gas utilites will average, phone, gasoline, health/life/car insurance, doctor/dentist, RX bills, clothing, gifts, food, entertainment, car payment, car repair, etc.

Now you will know how much of your commission you will need to set aside to cover future bills. For catagories like car repair you would add up prior years bill's so you have an average on things you know will need done like oil changes, tune ups, wiper blades. For doctors/dentist you know what you co-pay is and how many times you went in the year before to set a budget say you went 4 times to the doctor and 2 times to the dentist you would want to budget for those 6 payments.

You might want to pro-rate for larger bills that aren't yearly so you have the money when you need tires, furnace serviced, etc. setting aside $10-15 a month for those bills will keep you from having to charge those bills.

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