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I really enjoy this show. My dh can't figure out why he likes it but he does. It's a good thing I like it because right now I'm watching it for at least the 5th time. My girls love Billy Ray Cirus because his daughter is Hannah Montannah. We recorded it on our DVR so they keep playing it over and over. I felt sorry for Billy, they said it was too rock & roll and too country. He didn't choreograph it, they tried to make it fun & to personalize it. He wasn't the best dancer, but he wasn't awful, he tried his hardest. Then the wig of the Mullet wouldn't come off, that was hilarious! I've watched the show so much that I keep hearing, "I want my mullet back" in my head over & over. My dd's are even going around singing it, too funny.

Have you gone online to vote yet? I haven't but I will. I like Billy, Ian, & Fatone. I can't remember now if I liked any of the others enough to vote for them. I hope Billy stays because my girls like seeing Hannah Montannah in the audience. Everytime they see here they scream, Hannah Montannah!!!

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