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I would like to thank everyone for sharing with me their thoughts and ideas.
My husband and I took a trip to where my daughter has moved and took a load of some of her stuff to her, in fact it was last week on Halloween. She is living in a nice, safe apartment with lots of room. She has learned that you don't put regular dishwashing soap in a dishwasher (that involved a lot of time cleaning up the soap suds, but she did get very clean kitchen floor out of it). She seems to be happy with where she is living, and she had her daughters room all put together and fixed really cute.
My granddaughter is very happy with her "new house" and her "new room". In fact she was very happy that it was Halloween and wanted to get out and go trick-or-treating. She is only two, and I have had her at my house since my daughter became pregnant with her. I think I was afraid she would be confused at the new house and miss her grandma (or me-ma, as she calls me). I didn't feel sad about her not missing me, I felt very relieved and happy that she is so well adjusted and happy.
I think the trip did me a lot of good. In fact, they came and stayed the following weekend with us. I gave them a care package to take back home with them: laundry soap, pajamas for granddaughter, some food, things like that. My daughter called and told me they all made it home safe, and that she loved me and then she thanked me for everything.
My son-in-law has some issues with his work situation where he is working with his father and the family restaurant, but I'm sure it will work out. He is a good guy, and he loves my daughter and granddaughter.
Anyway, I don't want to go on too much. I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm doing much better. I love you all for taking the time to let me know your own experiences as an "empty nester", and it helped me so much to know that what I was feeling was normal.
God Bless you all
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