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"do you care if we post on this thread if we aren't doing the Weigh Down Diet?"
Gosh,no, Mindy. I will lookforward to all the discussion on this thread.
OK this morning I weighed 212 before stepping into the shower. (3 years ago I was 238 so I'm at least grateful I don't weigh that now) I'm 55 and I'm 5'4". I'm wearing an 18 and some very roomy 16s!
I'm able to walk most days at school (I work with handicapped teens at a local high school) when we take our class to gym. But when the weather gets nicer (Ohio) my best friend and I will start walking outside again. We like to go to the Mall and window shop a lot. That helps. (Those cool mochas don't!)
Last night we went to Walmart so she could get new tires. It took 2.5 hours! Most of that was walking. We did eat at the instore Subway so got to sit a little!
We have a Gazelle here in our family room. DH uses it more than I do I think. Ill be real good about using it for a while then get off track again and it takes a while to get back in the habit. Anybody use the Walk Away the Pounds DVDs? I was doing real well with them for a long time then got away from doing them and can't get started again.
I'm trying to eat more chicken (don't like fish) and lots more steamed veggies. I love broccoli and cauliflower with carrots. Breakfast is usually oatmeal.
I'm seeing my dr on Thursday. Reg checkup cuz I have high blood pressure. I want to ask if there's something that I can take that will help cut my appetite. I'm afraid to take something OTC for fear it will not mix well with my bp meds. My appetite and attitude are my problem. I know what to eat and how much, but I allow all those little 'eat me, eat me's to over rule any good intentions.
OK Ladies, I'll commit to logging my weight on Mondays now.
Good luck and God bless! Alice
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