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Alice, do you care if we post on this thread if we aren't doing the Weigh Down Diet? I'm going to start something, I'm just not sure yet what it will be. If you want this to be strictly Weigh Down it won't upset me, we can open a new thread about losing weight so we don't distract you from sticking to the program you choose. Let me know.

For info on the Self Challenge go to
They have info on healthy eating, exercise plans, success stories, recipes, etc. It has a food log & an exercise log so you can keep track of how much you're eating & how much exercise you're getting. Self is a health/exercise type magazine. I've subscribed to it off and on for a long time. I've never actually done the challenge, but I like to look at the info and it helps motivate me. I would like to do the challenge, I know it would make a huge difference.

I know I had postpartum depression after my 2nd, and looking back I had it after my 1st I just didn't realize it. I have a habit of hibernating. I can always tell when I'm depressed because I'll realize I haven't called my Mom for a few days and I haven't called any of my friends and I only leave the house when it's absolutely necessary. While I'm home I start munching on everything sweet that I can find. I stopped buying ice cream because if it's in the house I eat a huge bowl every night. I don't eat much "real" food, I just eat a bunch of junk. I'm trying to make myself eat real meals so that maybe I won't snack as much.

Lisa, great job walking w/ your dh. My neighbor and I try to walk together when the weather is nice & when our kids allow it. Our dh's both work late a few evenings a week & we both have young children. When we walk together it's like a therapy session. We think alike and we're able to talk about things that are going on w/ our family & our life and we know we're not going to be judged. She can't stand cold weather so we don't walk in the winter. I'm so ready to be outside, kid-free, walkin' & talkin'. When my Mom spends the night she walks w/ us. My Mom is my best friend. We used to walk together almost every day. It seems like I was in 7th grade when we started walking together.

I haven't weighed for a few days. I'm 5'5" and I've been hovering around 186. I'll try to remember to weigh in the morning and I'll let you know. I'm in a size 16 right now. I'd love to be a size 12 but I'd be happy if I could be a size 14 and stay there. I've been a size 12 several times but is seems like I just start gaining weight back almost immediately. Then I hit size 14, I promise myself I'm not going to get bigger, I'm going to get back to a 12, then the next thing I know I'm in a 16. Before I did WW 4 years ago I was in an 18 but needing to be in a 20. I gave away all of my clothes bigger than a 14, then I gained 20 pounds and had to buy a few more clothes. I hate it when that happens! I haven't gotten rid of my size 12 & 14's but I did pack them away and I told myself if I'm not back into them by next year that I'm getting rid of them. I'm hoping that will help motivate me because there are some really cute clothes in the tote that I don't want to give away.

Good luck everyone! Hopefully I can check in tomorrow. It seems like the day slips away from me and I've missed my FC time.

Have a great day!


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