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Yeah, me and hubby are quite a pair of nuts. I'm nuttier than he is but at least he's a good sport about it most of the time.

Sure, come on over. The food will be good but the house will be a wreck. I always seem to have something better to do than clean house. lol I like to think of it as having a lived in look. One of these days, in my dreams, I just bulldoze this place and put up a brand new one. I figure it'll take me at least 10 years to make it look this bad. By that time, I'll be in a nursing home, around the bend, so who will care?

If you can sew the outfits worn to ren faires, I may stop by for a fitting sometime. The outfits are expensive to put it mildly. But they are layer upon layer of articles of clothing. I bet it was really interesting talking to the gentleman that does engraving. He may be involved in Rendevous, too, from the time period he was talking about. I enjoy those, too, but my favorite is ren faires.

I love the photo thread. It's great putting a face with a name. I need to get darling daughter to put another head shot of me minus the chainmaille. From the chainmaille covering all my wrinkles, I look good.

Gotta get to cooking. Take care. Hugs, Linda
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