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Happy face Hi Ladies~

This is the former LovedMom and I loved that name and still feel loved so that's good.

Hi Barbszy, Robin and Bar_bar!!

I did not want to explain who I was before as I did not think anyone would remember so I just wanted to get to the point which is finding out if I can get my kids to join the pc exchanging.

I am willing to wait until I acquire 75 points if that is what is required. I know that I have only a few this time around, shucks!

Anyhoo, to answer Bar_bar:
I am doing well. We moved last year to a new home and have settled in quite a bit now. I should join something where I can write as this is the best time now for me to keep a penpal. And how does one join the SS club, maybe that will be something good for me to join. I will read the requirements then.

Thanks for remembering me ladies.

Hugs from Hawaii,