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chuckle Maureen

I really really liked that joke. I laughed so loud I woke hubby from his nap taking. I wish I had one to send back to you.

Well, went and put in my time at the office today. But around 1, 2 of the grandkids came and stayed with me while the parents went to get a couple of new tires. Wanna talk about a wonderful surprise?

They are all coming out for lunch tomorrow. I've got a big ham to cook and some scalloped potatoes, some veggies and I got a pumpkin cheesecake for dessert. I bought it already made. I cheat a lot. lol I'll bake some brownies for the ones that'll turn up their noses to pumpkin or cheesecake.

My poor hubby has to go back to work tonight at midnight because that's the only time they can shut the power down so he can do a job that has to be done. He's trying to get a little rest now so he wasn't too happy with my laughter. He went right back to sleep. I'll be very very quiet.......
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