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Wow, you get to go see Harry Potter. I can hardly wait until it comes around here. Going to the Premier in London would be way to exciting for me. I'd be spending all the time in the bathroom or I'd be wearing a depends. lol Gonna take the whole family to see it when it comes to our area. That'll be the oldest grandson's birthday present from us. He always wants to take his family, his Aunt and Uncle and of course Grandma and Grandpa. Maybe he includes us because we are paying the bill. lol naugh He's a little sweetie and has his grandma wrapped around his little finger. His b-day is later on this month. He was born on my daughters 25th birthday. He is still a little leary about sharing his birthday with his Aunt, tho.

One year for their birthdays we took everyone to see a Hockey Game. He still talks about that but for the past two years has wanted to see Harry Potter instead. The other grandkids still want stuff they can unwrap and that's ok.

It has been real nippy here and we had snow before the end of October. I keep hearing we are in for a bad winter and I believe it. Actually the cold kills a lot of germs and we haven't had a bad winter for a long time. We are due one. Need to kill some germs. Yeah, that'll convince me. I'll try to remember that when I'm slipping and sliding on my way out to the truck.

When you get your first article published if I can't get a copy of it here in the states maybe you could scan it on your computer and let me know and I'll send you my email address so I can read it. Or if you can't scan it maybe you'd consider snail mailing it to me? It would tickle me pink if you'd allow me to read it.

Gotta go finish up doing the dishes. Take care of yourself. Hugs......
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