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Hi Linda,

I'm sorry you're not feeling too well. I get the same problem and I do the same as you do. I drink lots and lots of water so I don't have to go see the doctor. I've been lucky because the last two times I could feel the UTI starting, I drank gallons of water and it did the trick! (I don't like cranberry juice). i laughed about your idea for giving a urine specimen!! Those cups are ridiculous aren't they? And expecting us to stop once we started? Yeah, right!

I just ordered tickets by phone to see the new Harry Potter movie. There is an advanced showing for the weekend of the 9th and 10th of November and I got tickets for us to see it on Saturday, Nov. 9th at 2:05. I'm so pleased about that. I won't tell the boys until we are actually going there. I want to surprise them. The big premiere is this weekend in London with all the stars from the movie and celebrity guests. Wouldn't it be exciting to be there?

It's still very mild here. I can't believe it's November 1st. It rained during the night and it's still quite dark and gloomy. I think it will rain again very soon. But at least it's not cold!!

Hope you feel better soon, Linda. Hugs to you
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