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Wow this is wonderful

I went to sleep last night and when I woke up this morn there were all kind of messages on here. What a wonderful surprise.

Happy Birthday Sean I saw his picture on the other forum and he is a cutie. Hope you get to feeling better soon. I've had a bladder infection I've been fighting. Lots of water and cranberry juice. Don't want to go to the Dr. They always want you to pee in a cup. I hate that. If they want that stuff, why don't they put a little cup that hooks to the seat? Like those cat litter pans they put on toilets. My Dr. wants me to start, then stop, put the cup there and proceed. I'm an old lady. It's not so easy to stop it.

Stitcher45, welcome back. Missed you. Sorry your granddaughter didn't get to go trick or treating. That had to be very disappointing for her. We really didn't have that many this year. Mostly kids of families that we know. More and more places are having wonderful parties for the kids instead.

Hubby says its time to go to work. Rats.

Hugs, Linda

P.S. thanks for the kind words about the grandkids. I just love them to pieces. They are all such good kids. And they all are mine, mine, mine.
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