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It's great that turmeric is working somewhat for your DD! Here's hoping it continues to work. I loved Vioxx - before "they" took it off the market. Even with the cardiac risks, I would take it now - it worked better than almost anything else I had tried. Celebrex didn't do "squat" for me! LOL!!

Many people find that more natural remedies do good things for them. The only problem with any remedy, prescriptive or "natural," is that with RA, Lupus, fibromyalgia and other "flaring and remitting" diseases, it is really hard to determine if the remedy is actually "working" or using it is "coincidental" with a remission. As remissions can last a fairly long time, it is easy to attribute the remission to the remedy.
Also, if the medical caregiver gives lots of support and attention to the patient, remedies seem to work better! This is sometimes called the "placebo effect," but I'm convinced that the emotional / spiritual / psychological areas have not been explored nearly enough. I know from personal experience that if my DH lightly rubs an area that is "flaring," the flare will subside. Doesn't work for anyone else to rub it.

Hope your DD continues to have good results and that her abilities and activities will continue to expand.


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