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My dd is using turmeric for inflamation. It is working. Somedays better than others but it is working. She was on Celebrex for two years and it did nothing. She switched to another rx but it upset her stomach so much we tried using lemon balm tea then turmeric. Her range of motion is getting better also. I think I posted here about dd giving up corn and how it has helped. She quit eating white potatoes for a while but there wasn't a change. Strange since most people react with white potatoes. For therapy, dd beads. She makes necklaces and bracelets. She loves it. She is making so much I think she needs to sell some of it. Stress will trigger flares and problems. Wind bothers dd more than anything. So does AC. In the summer dd still wears jeans, if she wears shorts or capris, and AC is on, she is in pain.
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