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Chris, one thing that I have done with my OWN kids is that if they tease each other or say a mean thing, they must not only apologize but do something nice for the other one.

One thing you might have them do is make something like a bookmark with their name on one side. They would get passed around the table. Each person would write a COMPLIMENTARY word or phrase on the back of the bookmark, that describes the person named on the front. The leaders could make an example in advance, maybe use the name of a famous person that they'd all recognize and let them list what they might say on the back.

Not only would they be forced to think about something nice to say about each other member of the troop, BUT they would also see what others have said. "No repeats!" Each person would have to find a unique quality to name on the bookmark.

When it's all done you could have those laminated and give them to the girls to keep at their next meeting.
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