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I have been in your position. Sad to say we are divorced because of it. When my ex-husband and I were dating and first married everything was alright. He had custody of his son and I had my daughter. He was 12 (he is now 16) and my daughter was 5 when we got together. My step-son wouldn't do anything I asked. He couldn't even pick up after himself or clean his room. His dad did everything for him. He was always telling lies. He would even tell his mom and sister lies about me. He acted big and tough, but he was actually a whiner. Thought he was big picking on others, but couldn't handle it if he was the being picked on. It didn't do me any good to say anything to his dad. All he ever said was "I'll talk to him", but I don't think he ever did or if he did they just laughed it off. One night he done something to my daughter (hit her or something) and made her whine, he of course denied doing anything. He got in my face and called me a B**** and brought up his fist to hit me. I was scared. He was a little bigger than me. My first instinct was to hit him back but my senses took over. I told him to go ahead and hit me and see if I wouldn't call the town cop. He dropped his fist and turned to leave the room saying he didn't believe I would call him. I told his dad and all he said was he wasn't going to allow that to go on in our house. But, it just kept getting worse. He got his way all the time even to the end. I hope you have better luck than I did. Our divorce came through 2 days before our 3rd anniversary. We only spent 1 year together. I left him a month before our 2nd anniversary. I couldn't take it no longer and I couldn't put my daughter through anymore. We were constantly fighting and then we didn't speak at all. Good Luck to you.
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