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I know I'm late posting here but I just had to toss my 2 cents in. I am AWFUL about tossing my money, bills as well as change, into my purse. However I AM concerned about money so agree with Shawn completely. I'm just usually in such a hurry and don't carry a wallet. I've had the same leather wallet for 20 years and it's not big enough to put bills in without folding them. takes too long. The upside to this is I sometimes feel as if I carry Mary Poppins' purse. I have been known to reach in and start pulling out bills I didn't even realize were there! I once cleaned out a purse that I hadn't carried in 3 or 4 months and found two $20 bills inside a bank envelope. I excitedly held them up to show my husband and kids who were all in the kitchen on the other side of the breakfast bar where I was sitting when dh in a flash reached over and snatched them out of my hand! I didn't mind--he's the money manager of the family. I would have just spent it counting it as found money.

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