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Anti "bullying" and team building for scouts

Hi, everyone! I am the co-leader for a group of junior Girl Scouts (9 years old/4th grade). Our troop attended an overnight event over the weekend that was hosted by a group of the older girls. They did a wonderful job, but... we did have a little "drama" within our troop--we have one girl who can be a bit of a "Mean Girl" (to quote the movie!) and another girl who is VERY sensitive to others' remarks. It's a bit difficult with those two sometimes, but I think we got everything smoothed out. My co-leader and I are discussing the need for some friendship building and team-building activities within our troop. Any suggestions? It is VERY important to us that our girls learn the importance of strong relationships and truly "being there" for there fellow Scouts. Any advice anyone has would be very much appreciated!!!
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