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glass bottles

I occasionally help my husband "stage" houses for sale. One thing we do is save or buy very inexpensive bottles - generally you see them with oils, vinegars, etc.. However, if this stuff is on top of your cabinets, chances are it won't be used. So, our trick is we fill the bottles with colored water- instead of the expensive oil or vinegar that might get rancid if you don't use it quickly. You can throw in some herbs, or slices of citrus (yellow water with very thin slices of lemon and lime is really pretty in a unique bottle). Also, colored bottles are also fun - I agree with earlier posts--vary the heights--or if there is a lip on your cabinet that might make the smaller things too short to see- put them on something that can't be seen - a block of wood, old book, etc. We often also put a hardback book with a pretty picture on the cover standing up so you can see the picture--it adds some visual interest.
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