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Once you discover that your pets have the fleas, then so do your carpets and bedding (wherever the pets may sleep)! I should try that Borax! Thanks Txchef_fran.

I have found that once you rid your home of fleas, and use either Advantage, Frontline, or similar, then the problem, pretty much, disappears. It has worked great on our pets, and is used consistantly until frost sets in, and the fleas die off for the season. Now that we are living in Omaha, Ne., we actually have a WINTER! Unlike living in Houston, where we had heat and humidity practically year 'round.
I have found that some flea treatments work better than others, and then, some cause allergic reactions. I have found that one of our cats has some sensitivity to one particular product and in the first few days, has problems with irritation to the skin. She noticebly cowers, twitches and tries to get to the area to wash.
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