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I too have a lot of space above my cupboards, but also very tall cupboards so I went to the flea market and fount lots of old cookies jars, silk flowers, old cooking stuuf like well-worn woks, cast iron skillets, old dishes, cups, antique looking pots and teapots, I brought them home and after I shoes corn flower blue and bright yellow for my kitchen colors, I pulled out the fabric paints and glazes and gave each item a little design, scrubbed off rust and shined up tarnished brass, I added some old marble bookends for "relic cookbooks". some silk flowers candles and a few old odds and ends like a hand (the real old kind) mixer, some really neat grilling tools, a wood block with knives long past their usefullnes, but I also store pasta canisters and my flavored oils and vinegars up there too so I keep a step stoll handy for easy access! Good luck!
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