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Lightbulb Borax!!

I am in Dallas so I know all about those "Texas" size fleas, Scootr! At one time I had 2 full size dogs, 12 puppies, 3 cats adn about a GAZILLION texas size fleas! I could not get rid of themm. I even had my beautiful Keeshand (long haired dog) shaved! YIKES! She looked hysterical and I honestly think coming out of the dog salon she was actually embarrased! lol! The lady at the pet salon told me to by a couple large boxes of BORAX! Yes borax, the powdered bleach. Sprinkle heavily over carpets, sofas, dogs bedding, etc. Let sit for several hours (just don't get it wet!) Then vacuum it up! Fleas apparently ahve very thin skins and the bleach eats through and kills them! YUCK! I know that is gross but it worked for me. I even stocker up when it went on sale adn used it once a month as a preventative!
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