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It is important to understand a few things about fleas in order to treat the infestation in your home and prevent it from happenning again. I personally reccommend Advantage over Frontline and through my job have seen that it really does work!

The following information comes from the Bayer website:

Flea Life Cycle

AdvantageŽ Stops Fleas at Each Stage of Their Life Cycle
If you think just killing the adult fleas on your pet means that he or she is safe from further flea infestation, think again! Flea eggs and larvae could be lurking on your pet or around your home, just waiting to reach adulthood and start your furry friend scratching all over again.

Before a flea reaches adulthood, they've gone through three other life stages: egg, larvae and pupae. Depending on environmental conditions, it can take between two weeks and eight months for a flea egg to reach adulthood, although the average is probably three to four weeks in most homes. That means that while the fleas might be dead today, in as little as two weeks your home and your pet could be re-infested with hungry adult fleas.

Luckily, AdvantageŽ flea control affects fleas at different stages of their life cycle. One Advantage treatment starts killing adult fleas on contact - before they have time to lay their eggs. And 98-100 percent of adult fleas are dead within 12 hours. The treatment lasts for up to one month, any new adult fleas that jump onto your pet will die within two hours. Advantage also kills 99 percent of flea larvae within 20 minutes, before they can enter the pupae stage.

So there are no eggs, no larvae, no pupae and no adult fleas to pester your family or your pet.

AdvantageŽ works so well at each stage of the flea's life, you don't have to worry about treating your home or pet's environment - Advantage takes care of that for you, and keeps you and your pet happy year-round.
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