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help for stepson

Hi Katykat,
You are not alone! I have been married 3 times. My 1st husband is the father of my 2 oldest kids - Bonnie & Brian. My 2nd husband adopted them. we got divorced and he walked out of their lives and they don't have contact. They do however, sometimes see their natural father. He comes around when he feels like it. They also have a Step-Mom. She and I get along good. Their father and I get along but don't talk alot about specifics on the kids just stuff in general. I got married a 3rd time and he towards the end had gotten to have his daughter over on weekends. This went on for about 5 months before we seperated. So, anyway I was a Step-Mom and am dealing with my kids Step-Mom. First question, can you have a real talk with your husband or would that be a bad idea? If bad idea could you have a relationship with the mother or would your husband not want that? I would try one of then if possible but if not try doing what someone else suggested. Involve your Step-Son in doing a activity with you around the house. You maybe could also try finding one of he interests and show your intest in that with him. Also talk with your son about his Step-Brother's behavior. The teen years are rough. Kids now tend to be different to an extent than when I was a kid. They have more pressures and really need loving discipline. I am having a very difficult time with my son but things are getting better. Try backing off withe the major issues but try building with small things. Hopefully your Step-Son will come to build a good relationship with you evn if it takes years. I hope this helps. I not it is long and a lot of what ifs. I will pray for you.
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