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Not necessarily. There are other grants available. It is some work to get them and it is tricky to qualify. I recommend requesting the book from the library. They might have it or they could get it through interlibrary loan. Some of the gov't programs do help with down payments for homes and many other things. The programs he talked up in the commercials about money for daily living expenses are things like heating assistance, welfare, AFDC, Foodstamps/Foodshare and so on.

These programs are legit, and they do help if you need the money, but the money is NOT thousands and thousands of dollars to any one person at a time to do what you want. They are all conditional. If you go to the firstgov website (put "FIRSTGOV" into google or whatever search engine) there should be links to walk you through a series of questions to see what gov't assistance you may be eligible for. I would recommend AGAINST buying the book, but you could look it up @ your library.
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